WiFi-108 Multizone Controller

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WiFi Controller with Multi-Zone capability.

The WiFi controller uses 2.4GHz radio frequency for incoming and outgoing communication. It can be used in four different modes: dimming, colour temperature adjusting (CCT), RGB and RGBW.

The WiFi-108 controller can control up to 16 zones of lighting. The controller connects to the 'F4' zone receivers and can be used for multi zone requirements and single zone installations.

The WiFi-108 connects to the local WiFi router enabling access to the device from anywhere in the world. Control up to 16 zones and set up to 15 different 'scenes' to your personal taste.

The WiFi-108 can also be used as a master controller in the new "LT-BUS" commercial lighting control system, allowing the app to control a huge range of LTECH products. It's also fitted with timing function; lights can be automated according to the time of day and day of the week.

The L-BUS app is needed on each smart device used to control the lighting. The app is free and available in IOS and Android format.


WiFi-108 Controller

Dimensions (mm)L90×W90×H55mm

Operating Instructions

Click here to download Operating Instructions

Package Contents

  • WiFi-108 Controller
  • USB Type 'C' power lead. USB plug required.

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