Mains Dimmed Driver 12W Constant Current (100-400mA)

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Mains Leading/Trailing Edge TRIAC dimmable driver.

Ideal for powering and dimming constant current LED lighting in the range of 100-400mA DC via Leading/Trailing edge mains dimming.

This driver steps down a Leading/Trailing edge mains dimmed voltage (200-240V AC) to between 10V and 45V DC at a constant current. It PWM dims the output according to the dimmer switch. The input and output is via screw terminals on the sides of the unit.

Simply select the output current ‘on installation’ using Dip switches on the end of the driver. Select from: 100mA, 150mA, 200mA, 250mA, 300mA, 350mA, 400mA.

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Dimmable Driver

Dimming interface Leading/Trailing Edge TRIAC
Dimming range 0-100%
Input voltage 200-240VAC
Efficiency >82%
Output voltage 10-45VDC (varies – see full data sheet)
Output power 12W
Output current Selected by DIP switch: 100mA, 150mA, 200mA, 250mA, 300mA, 350mA, 400mA
Dimension (mm) 135L 30W 20H

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Package Contents

  • SE-12-100-400-G1T

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Output Current

100mA, 150mA, 200mA, 250mA, 300mA, 350mA, 400mA


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