F4 RGBW Controller (Remote Only)

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Radio Frequency RGBW remote colour controller.

The remote uses a radio frequency of 433.92 MHz, with a reach of up to 50m. Features include an on/off button, six preset colours, seven bespoke colours, individual red-green-blue control for making colours, brightness/speed buttons and buttons for selecting effects: jumping, fading, cycling.

This remote control is compatible with the following 'M' series receivers: M4-3A and M4-5A.


Remote Handset M8 Transmitter

Working voltage3v (Battery CR2032)
Working Frequency433.92MHz
Remote Distance40-50m
Working Temp-20℃~55℃
Dimensions (mm) 104L 60W 9H

Package Contents

  • M8 Remote
  • Wall mounted remote control holder

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