Wireless DMX512 Transceiver

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This unit is capable of transmitting or receiving a wireless DMX signal over large distances. Each unit has a maximum communication distance of 350m. However relay points can be used to extend the distance further if necessary.

For instances where DMX cables cannot be run, this unit offers an ideal solution.

When used as a transmitter, a wired DMX signal is connected to the LT-870S which is then transmitted wirelessly. Various LTECH units are capable of receiving the signal: either wireless DMX decoders (LT-874S-5A) or more LT-870S transceivers could be used in receiving mode to convert the wireless DMX signal back to a wired DMX signal.

The transceiver requires a low voltage supply of 5-24V DC.


LT-870S Transceiver

Input/Output signalDMX512 (wired or wireless)
Voltage5V~24V DC
Working Frequency2.4GHz
Max. Transmission Power20dBm
Receiver Sensitivity-96dBm
Max. Communication Distance350m
Dimensions175L 44W 30H

Operating Instructions

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Package Contents

  • LT-870S Transceiver.

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