T1 Sync/Multi Zone RF Remote Control Dimmer

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Ideal for switching and dimming multiple zones of low voltage lighting when used with T3-CV zone receivers - available to buy separately. Up to eight zones of lighting can be controlled individually or together.

The remote control uses 2.4GHZ RF signal and has a range of 30m. The remote is fitted with an LED indicator which shows the brightness level currently selected. There are four pre-set light levels on the remote: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Additionally M1 and M2 buttons allow two bespoke light scenes to be saved and re-called later. A built in Lithium battery can be re-charged by plugging a USB cable into the remote - the other end connects to a USB charger or computer.


Remote Handset T1 Transmitter

Input voltageDC5V built-in Lithium battery
Working current≤30mA
Working frequency2.4GHZ
transmitting distance30m
Remote optionSync or Zone control
Battery capacity1000mAh
Standby time≤6 months
Dimension (mm)L145 W55 H22

Operating Instructions

Click here to download Operating Instructions

Package Contents

  • T1 Remote
  • USB Cable
  • Wall mounted remote control holder
  • Instructions

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