LT-905-OLED DMX to PWM Decoder 5CH (XLR-5, RJ45)

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DMX decoder for low voltage circuits. With 5 output channels, this unit is ideal for controlling RGBW+CT, RGBW, RGB, CT or single colour LEDs. Fitted with OLED screen and touch buttons for easy setup.

This decoder also has the option to assign multiple channels to one address. Dimming curve options include; standard, linear, LOG, custom 0.1-9.9 dimming curve.

The decoder requires a low voltage input. It receives a DMX control signal from a suitable controller in order to supply the correct dimming output across 5 channels. DMX connects via standard XLR-5 or RJ45 plugs. The low voltage supply and lights connect via screw terminals on the side of the unit.

The decoder operates on a low voltage 12~24V DC circuit, providing a PWM output, ideal for dimming LEDs.


LT-905-OLED Decoder

Input signalDMX512/RDM
Voltage12V~24V DC
OutputConstant Voltage
Current5A ×5CH Max 25A
Max output power300W/600W(12V/24V)
Dimensions (mm)122L 110W 37H

Operating Instructions

Click here to download Operating Instructions

Package Contents

  • LT-905-OLED Decoder and instructions.

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