WiFi-104 Multizone Controller

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WiFi Controller with Multi-Zone capability.

The WiFi controller uses 2.4GHz radio frequency for incoming and outgoing communication. It can be used in four different ways: dimming, colour temperature adjusting, RGB and RGBW to control five different types of LED Strip: single colour, colour temperature(natural white+warm white and natural white+warm white+cool white), RGB and RGBW.

The WiFi-104 controller can control up to 12 zones of lighting. The controller itself can connect directly to LED Strip; zone receivers can be added to control additional zones.

There are two ways of connecting with the WiFi-104 controller, either directly or through a network. The WiFi-104 has its own WiFi network that a smart device (phone, pad etc.) can connect with. However it's usually best to connect the WiFi-104 to a WiFi network. This lets any device connected to the network control the WiFi-104. Multiple WiFi-104 controllers can be connected to the router allowing multiple sets of up to 12 zones of lighting per controller.

An app is needed on each smart device used to control the lighting. The app is free and available in IOS and Android format.

Included with the WiFi-104 controller is a simple remote control. This primarily allows the switching on or off of individual zones, useful if a smart device isn't to hand.


WiFi-104 Controller

Output per channel4A
Current4 x 4A
Max output power192W/384W (12V/24V)
Control distanceUp to 100m
Dimensions (mm)L128×W73×H45mm

M12 Remote Control

Working VoltageDC3V (2032 battery)
Working Frequency2.4GHz
Remote DistanceUp to 30m
Dimensions (mm)L104×W60×H9mm

Operating Instructions

Click here to download Operating Instructions

Package Contents

  • WiFi-104 Controller
  • M12 Remote Control

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